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Does anyone else have a tripod? Just curious and wondering if anyone has any advice regarding a tripawed dog. I know keeping her trim is important, but I'm also curious about maybe some supplements for her bones and joints since she is done a limb....

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My cousin has 3 amazing tripods, they escaped her yard once when a meter reader left the gate open and she frantically called the police to be on the look out, they laughed at her when her description was, 3 dogs with 9 legs. They were so confused. I am sure she will be 100% fine.

Hip dysplasia threads also deal with joint issues you may have luck searching in those threads. Your pup is too young to have allergies, but Bee Pollen is AMAZING for them if she happens to start showing signs but you need to get your pollen within 50 miles of where you live. Besides Allergies it has amazing results on overall body health (for humans too) START SMALL literally 1 nugget increase at a time, make sure your dog has no reactions and then you can top off at 1-2 teaspoons a DAY. My boy's coat have NEVER been shiner or softer. If I run out it only takes a few days for me to kick myself for running out. I do not run out anymore.

helps with:
- Provides key "live food" factors impossible to find in commercial dog foods alone
- Hip & joint health - strengthens connective tissues, keeps them elastic, resilient, and lubricated*
- High chlorophyll content helps deodorize*
- Helps neutralize acidic urine to reduce yellow grass spots*
- Wonderful blood builder & detoxifier - helps keep athletic dogs at their peak*
- Can turn back the clock for older dogs with rapid visible results
- Powerful, whole food antioxidants & immune stimulants*
- Will produce a brilliant coat with healthy, itch-free skin

This is where I get mine, last one on the page: Our Honeys: Boston Honey Company

here are other sites talking about the benefits and where you can order commercially
Blog ? Bee Pollen for Animals - Dr. Harvey's
Wholistic Bee Power - Organic, Human Grade Bee Pollen
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