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Mid Michigan Rottweiler and Schutzhund Klub and/or Dan Williams?

I'm looking into schutzhund some more (lol, it's got my interest peaked) and I was referred to this club and this trainer by another local schutzhund club after I mentioned that I was looking for someone familiar with bully breeds (and because this club trains closer to me).

Dan replied with the following email after I introduced myself:

We have a pretty active club. Here is a reference, Howard Burgess PHONE NUMBER, longtime friend, pit bull breeder. Feel free to ask him any questions about me.

Other things you can do is google Mid Michigan Rottweiler and Schutzhund Klub. This will direct you to a Picasa web based album. There is also another one under Dan Williams Helper. This should give you some pictures to review.

As for experience, I started with pits and am staffs in the late 70's and judged the 2009 WPBTCA National Working Dog Championships and Breed Tests. Had a great time with some good dogs.

Talk a look around and get back with me. We train on Sundays until the spring then train a couple of times a week. We chose to take off December for the Holidays.

I googled Howard Burgess and found this website: http://howardsworkingapbts.20fr.com/

Anything about this turn you off or raise flags? What questions can I ask??

EDIT: The same club that referred me to this Dan Williams and his club also mentioned a Gustavo Sanchez, who is mentioned on Howard Burgess's website and is seen in some photos.

Double Edit: Howard Burgess = Howardsperformancek9 on GP?? :hammer::hammer:

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YEs PM Howard and he will tell you about them, since he mentions them on his site I assume he knows them well. If he judged the WPBTCA and has worked bully breeds I would say he is good to train with but double check with Howard.
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