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Greenwood, AR update: Group to present BSL proposal to council in Jan
Posted on November 5, 2010 by stopbslcom| Leave a comment

All alerts for Greenwood: greenwood, ar | Search Results | Stop BSL

Greenwood City Hall, 30 Bell Road, Greenwood, AR 72936
Main: 479-996-2742
Fax: 479-996-2743

Jim Gossett
Rod Powell
Lance Terry
Tim Terry
Jim Newcomb
Dr. Lee Johnson

Online contact form for city clerk:
City of Greenwood, Arkansas > Government > Clerk / Treasurer > Contact the Clerk

Greenwood Residents Passionate About Dog Ban
Mallory Cooke Reporter
10:20 PM CDT, November 4, 2010

[...] A handful of residents gathered Thursday night to discuss the possibility of banning vicious animals, including pit bulls, in the city limits.[...]

Both sides agree pet owners with vicious animals need more restrictions, tougher fines, and harsher punishments.

Community members say there have been about 20 bites in the last two years, and four of those were pit bulls. The group hopes to take their recommendation to the city council in January.

Full article retrieved 11/5/10 from Greenwood Resident Passionate About Dog Ban - KFSM
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