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It's the end for unregistered pit bull terriers in Victoria
•By Grant McArthur, Amelia Harris
•From: Herald Sun
•August 30, 2011

DOG inspectors will be sent on a "search and destroy" mission to rid Victoria of thousands of pit bull terriers.
The Baillieu Government today will rush new laws through Parliament to arm council officers with the powers they need to seize and destroy unregistered restricted-breed dogs, the Herald Sun reported.

The move comes a fortnight after a pit bull cross ran into a Brimbank home and mauled four-year-old Ayen Chol to death.
Ayen's father, Mawien Chol Monjang, yesterday welcomed the crackdown.

I don't want any other child to be attacked by a dog again ... it gives me some peace of mind. I have another two boys and I need them to be safe," he said.

A new set of identification guidelines spelling out exactly what is regarded as a pit bull or pit bull cross will stop owners claiming their dogs belong to different breeds.

An amnesty allowing pit bull and restricted dog owners to notify authorities of their pets will end on September 30.

From that day, dog inspectors will have the authority to destroy any unregistered dog fitting the pit bull description.

From today members of the public can "dob in a dangerous dog" through a $100,000 hotline to help council officers identify potential dangers hidden in their neighbourhoods.

The Baillieu Government is in talks with the Municipal Association of Victoria about hiring extra animal officers to track down potential killers.

Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh said the changes will close a legal loophole and ensure pit bull crosses are included on the dangerous dogs register for the first time.

"Owners of pit bulls and pit bull crosses will have one month to ensure their dogs are listed on the dangerous dog register," he said.

"If these dogs are not registered by September 29, council officers will have the power to seize and destroy them."

With the Opposition already indicating it will support a strengthening of the restricted breeds legislation, Parliament should pass the Coalition's Domestic Animals Amendment Bill by tomorrow.

All Victorian pit bulls and crosses must be identified on the restricted breed register.

Dogs on the register must be microchipped, desexed, kept in a secure yard and muzzled and on a lead when in public. Owners who fail to notify authorities could have their pets destroyed from September 30.

The Government is considering the introduction of a new crime similar to culpable driving that could see the owners of killer dogs jailed, rather than facing a maximum $4500 fine as is the case for the owner of the pit bull that killed Ayen.

American Pit Bull Terrier Association of Australia president Colin Muir said the legislation was misguided.

He said it unfairly focused on the look of a dog, not those that actually presented a danger to the community.

"This is canine genocide, that is all it is," he said.

"Since restrictions were imposed on pit bulls in 2005 there has been no reduction in overall dog attacks."

ANYONE wanting to identify a pit bull or other dangerous dog living in their neighbourhood can call 1300 101 080 from 8am to 6pm, seven days a week.

Read more: It's the end for unregistered pit bull terriers in Victoria | News.com.au

It's the end for unregistered pit bull terriers in Victoria | News.com.au
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