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great news bout time for australia

The state government is defending tough new laws that could ban dog owners from owning canines for up to a decade.

The amendment would see owners of dogs that attack people being barred from owning dogs for 10 years, with those caught breaching the ban facing huge fines and up to two years in jail.

Animal behaviour expert Dr Gabrielle Carter says there are cases for irresponsible dog owners to learn a lesson:

"If people who have dogs that are aggressive and have bitten children or people. If people are not managing the situation safely than I think it is ok to impose some bans," she said.

Peter Walsh, the State Minister for agriculture told Neil Mitchell the laws will give Magistrates the power to enforce the new penalties if necessary.

"The Magistrate has the capacity to make a ban up to 10 years, and if they break that ban it will be a serious offense and they could be put in jail," the Minister said.

New laws to crackdown on dangerous dog owners
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