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Avoiding MORONS?

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IS there a book on "How to avoid moron dog owners 101"?? I think one needs to be written. Yesterday My daughter and I took Bella for a walk around the city and stopped at a park for my daughter to play at. There is a NO DOGS allowed sign inside the fenced in play structure so Bella and I sat on a park bench and watched our girl. We were sitting there minding our own business when an older gentleman walking a little bichon was rapidly approaching us. Bella was just sitting at my feet and about 10 feet away was his dog....is your dog friendly he asked? I said yes BUT.........he dropped his dogs leash to just run over to us before I could finish saying what I wanted to say. So, here comes the little white dog over to Bella and luckily Bella is very friendly with dogs but she is just a pup still and as we all know the non DA can be short lived in the pits but also with bullys. I grabbed his dogs leash as he came closer to us and gave his dog back to him. I said that I would never just let your dog approach any dog by letting his leash go because you never know how the other dog will react. I said some dogs can be dog aggressive and then your little dog could have been hurt. He just looked at me and said "oh, okay" lets go boy these people don't want to play with us.....REALLY??? :hammer: And then I also always seem to come across people lately who are walking towards us and say.....My dogs friendly....you can say "hi". And here I am walking away from them saying "no, that's okay" my dog doesn't need to say hi" :cool: I just get so irritated with people like that! Okay I vented :) Anybody want to share there encounters with MORONS feel free :D
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I don't think you'd find working as a Animal Shelter receptionist very fun. Lol :p
LOL!! I was a professional dog groomer for 12 years and a vet tech for 3 years. You meet alot of moron dog owners in that field too LOL!! :roll:
Lol! Being educated in the dog world really makes the morons show through....But amongst many things people couldn't grasp. They never ever could grasp "It's not in our jurisdiction." or "We're full, sorry."....People can be frustrating.
Amen to that :)! It has always amazed me how many people who own dogs have no clue about them.....I know we all need to start some where and we live and learn through trial and error but I just can't believe the ignorance out there. I have many moron dog owners in my neighborhood. Dogs that never go for walks or see anything further than there yards. Lots of dogs around my area with lots of behavior issues but the owners don't do anything with them as far as training so they just sit in a house all day and go crazy. No mental or physical stimulation unless you call looking out a window "mental stimulation"......poor dogs. I feel so bad for all of them :(
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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