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Hosted by:
Ms. Chavez and Bully the Kid and "The Pit Crew"
10pm EST/9pm CST/7pm PST

-ALERT- Meeting concerning pit bulls in Bakersfield, CA tonight and Bako Bullyz will be there bringing us updates about what is happening.

Tonight's topics:

· CANINE HERO of the YEAR: A pit bull named Diamond who saved the whole family from a house fire in Los Angles.

· We also discuss how to begin training a new dog or pup for the show ring. What works best and what methods should be avoided.

· Tonight's health topic w/ the Bully Doc: Canine Cruciate Ligament

Do you have something you want to get on the table?
Call in

here to listen to the show and join he live chat.


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I'm listening :)
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