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FU:2012 Back Yard Breeding Bill

Description. With the growing number of malls that sell dogs in pet stores across the US,
something needs to be done about the welfare of the parents of these puppies for sale.

All to often the domesticated dog is treated like livestock by certain religious cultures and individuals.
FU:2012 will mandate anyone who breeds more than 40 puppies, or 4 litters a year must foster out one female
to a loving family with a backyard for her to be bred in for every female the breeder keeps in his professional kennel.

At a one to one ratio, the breeder is still able to have ample breeding stock in his yard at his disposal. The
breeders stock may live out there entire life living in a kennel. However, half of the
bitches to be bred will live out their lives in a loving home with a back yard to play in. The fostered out females
will be bred up to three times each. They will never be bred "back to back".

FU:2012 is currently being considered by your local government. ~JOKE, just made to make people think~
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