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Barking question

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Ok,so Bruno has taken to barking at strangers now. I know it's from excitement,cause he's doing that bounce bark thing( I think he got it from Beia) He saw Beia do it once,and got attention and he started doing it too.
He's atm growling and whining in his crate. He NEVER does this,but he has started this sh** lately,and has been more vocal too(even barks at me).
He's even taken to tossing his food dish. He will dump the food out,then toss the dish to the back of his kennel.

Any ideas....Think he just needs to get out more? I dunno but he is driving me nuts. How can I train him out of this. He gets walks everyday,but I dunno what else to do to keep his mind stimulated
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Thanks you two. I had a feeling,this is what he was needing. I'll get to it. Unfortunately,with this cold weather,he hasn't been out as much as he use to.
Usually he goes on the trail and such. I think the walk for pits event this sat will do him some good.
I'll just have to bundle up,and buy some gloves,so we can go on longer walks.
I took them on a nice long walk today,and my friend called and asked if I wanted to go with her,and take all 3 of the dogs out someplace to run,and to help her with Kush.
He has behavior training he is working on. Stuff the behaviorist said to use on him. So that will get them out today at least.
Looks like I need to go back to Cali
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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