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(CHICKASAW, Ala.) - This one and a half year old pit bill is the center in a tug of war between the man who adopted it and the people claiming to be the dog's rightful owner.

Gregory Matthews says he adopted the dog last week from the Chickasaw animal shelter, the same shelter where animals were found living in deplorable conditions.

Shortly after taking the dog home, Matthews says he received harassing phone calls. He told NBC 15 "I went up there to the Chickasaw police department, paid the fees, got a receipt for the dog and everything was ok until I got a phone call a little while ago from the person claiming that they own the dog and I asked him how did he get my number."

Matthews says he offered to give the dog back in exchange for money he spent feeding and caring for the animal.

Margaret Holley, who claims the dog belongs to her family, says Matthews demanded 6-hundred dollars.

Matthews says Holleys son said he would try borrowing the money from his father. He called his father, his father called me back, and said he wanted to take this into a legal matter because his son shouldn't have to pay for his dog and I explained to him that it is not his son's dog, it's my dog, I adopted the dog," Matthews explained.

Matthews says that wasn't the answer the Holley family wanted to hear, adding they started making threats, so he called Mobile police to explain the situation.

The Holley family says it disputes his statements, adding they never threatened Matthews and just want their dog back; a dog they've had in the family since it was six weeks old.

Chickasaw police say they do adopt out pit bulls, but allege Gregory Matthews showed an animal control officer false documents stating he was already the dog's owner, so it was released into his custody.

Matthews says he has a receipt to prove he legally and rightfully adopted the dog. But Chickasaw police say a warrant could be issued Monday for Matthews' arrest if the dog isn't returned.


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Sounds to me like the guy either gets paid or its his dog.
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