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Thanks all!

Little devil dog :) you can tell she is measuring and plotting lol
She was watching little birdies lol & being a very good girl :D

She is getting big.
She's gotten huge, she even hit a growth spurt while I was out of town for a week. Her last weigh in was at 32# at the vet before I left, she's 5 mns now :)

She's super cute. Pups and beaches are two of my favorite things.:)

You're lucky. There's no dogs allowed on beaches in Brevard County. :(
She's a great lil girl :)

I didn't think there were any in Saint Lucie county & one day I just stumbled across it. The one I go to is the only one & very small. You could try off shoot beaches - only thing is there are typically no life guards.
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