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I'm bored and have a lot of time on my hands and two dogs that are high energy and need the work. So I figured why not start conditioning them. I know they're not APBT, but they do have the energy to burn and I have the time to put into it :)

I'm only doing this for 3 weeks.

First off Takoda at 40 pounds. I'm going to tone up her muscle and show people that Labs can look good.

(Excuse the bad qaulity of my pictures, I don't have a decent camera and these were taken with my phone)

Next Beau at 23 pounds, I'm going to lean him down to about 17 pounds and tone him up as well. He's pushing 9 so he could use less weight on his joints.


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Looking forward to the results, Muttkip. I think Beau is my favourite "small dog" on here.
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