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Best diets for young pits?

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Hi there. Gettting a new puppy tomorrow. and i really want to start him off on the best diet possible any suggestions?
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Congrats on your new pup! I'm the proud owner of a new pup myself :). I feed her Blue Buffalo chicken (grain free). Its a superb great quality dog food. You can google it to read up on it. Good Luck!! You can go crazy trying to choose a dog food :hammer:
Taste of the wild is a pretty good food. My pups breeder feeds his dogs that. However, It was making my pups coat greasy/oily looking and feeling which is why I switched to Blue buffalo. Different strokes for different folks :) I used to feed my old dog I had Innova evo. People used to rave about it. Last I heard Proctor & Gamble where taking it over and it was going down hill quality wise. Whatever you choose to feed research it and like said stick to grain free diets.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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