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Hey guys,

I finally ordered BIG his big boy collar! :) I always order my dogs adult collars once they hit a certain age. :) His name is embroidered and all. :) Its 2 1/2" thick, brass hardware, black leather and his name tooled in the leather. :) Its suuuuuuuuper nice!

Chelsea at Custom Canine Collars made it for me. :) She can make any size collar that you would want. If your interested, you guys can PM me and I'll send you her FB page. :)

Anyway, PICS!

This is by far my favorite picture of him so far! :)

I thought this was a funny picture. :)

And of course, I can't leave out the Bud man ! ! !


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You need to go to rehab for your collar addiction yo. Feel free to send me any of your 2 inch collars you are no longer using because there aren't enough days in a week to wear all of them! lmmfao LOVE IT! Totally BA! BIG looks super bangin in it! Holla!
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