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bitter apple and babies?

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Some of you know my son had to have surgery today on his wrist. He had a large mole they wanted to remove and said this was a perfect age to do it. He had to go under Anastasia since he is only 7 months so i was a little worried. Everything came out perfect and he is just fine! He has a bandage on his wrist and he is not suppose to bother it. It is like saran wrap but like a bandaid, anyway he started sucking on it. Sooooo I put a little bit of bitter apple on it and it worked! lol I am a bad mom :)
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so glad to hear your son is OK, and thats a riot about the bitter apple. He will probably never bite his nails for the rest of his life, lol. Good work!
nah thats a good thing not being a bad mom at all, they have simialr stuff that people use on finger nails to keep kids from biting them it doesnt harm them at all. Hope he recovers soon , having your kid go under is so stressfull even in small events like this . My daughter had her tonsils taken out and I was so stressed especially when she actually went under.
He wold up from his nap and sucked his bandage off! I had to go and get more bandages then cut 2 holes in a sock and make a glove. The sock worked but what a little Houdini! The Doctor said he would be too young to get his bandage off but Justin is a good problem solver.
Glad he is doing well, and sooo glad the Bitter Apple worked for you.
I tried it with my dogs.. they liked it :(

If all else fails, a soft E-collar helps too.
I dont think an E collar will work on her son lol ,,, just my guess :p
LMAO that is what I need a baby e collar so he cannot reach his hand!!! He has not touched it since I put the sock on but what a little stinker!
awe ,, Im happy to hear that everything went okay , it is a scary thing when little ones have to go under . LOL @ the bitter apple , I would have never thought of that . When I was little my mom put vinegar on my finger nails so I wouldnt bite them . So no you are not a bad mom you are a good mom just trying to keep your baby safe and out of harms way =]

LOL @ the baby e collar , this day in age im really not suprised they dont have it , my sister has a leach for her kid why not a e-collar lol
Ahahaha poor Justin, im imagining him with an E collar.

hahaha I bet a small would fit him. ;) I tried on Mel's donut collar once for :poop: and giggles and totally made me claustrophobic, lol! too bad though, totally worked and Would have been a GREAT addition for helping me stay on my diet, too bad the looks I get might get me committed lol.
WTF?? Lisa I didn't see this OMG! I would be totally freaking out about the anesthesia at 7 months old! I am so glad he is ok!! [email protected] biter apple. Castor oil would have worked as well ;) LMAO!!!
Yeah I was freaking out a bit but now that it is over it was not a big deal. YOU NEED FACE BOOK! I will even make a page for you and all you have to do is log on ;)
Wait til he learns to take off his diaper, and you find him in his crib in the morn with no diaper. haha

The other day, I was out of the room, and Andrew was watching Zach but was talking to a friend. He turned around and Zachary was standing there, dancing to the music playing... with no diaper lmao He was dancin nakie.
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