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Boo is getting spay on thursday : /

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hey guys....im getting really bent outta shape about this and so is my mother but we do need to do this. I cant stand the fact of leaving her at the doctor by herself for a day and im really nervous. Anyway what should be expected when she comes home? Me and my parents have only went through this with a boy Rotti but never a girl pitbull, is there anything extra we should do or be carful of? thanks guyss
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Are they using stitches outside or stitches inside and glue outside?

When Roxie was spayed, she was left at the vets all day and I picked her up the next morning.

I had to put her on crate rest for a few days because she was acting like her normal spazzy self. She had the inside stitches outside glue and I was terrifeid she'd pop open the incision.
My boy Whit just got neutered a few weeks ago and he was there for a half day. I had to work, so my mom dropped him off in the morning and picked him up in the afternoon. When I got home from work, he was super excited like always but did non of the running and jumping all over like usual. Just kept wiggling haha he seemed upset that he couldn't move around like usual.

The one problem I had with him was that the first few nights, I put the cone on him so he didn't lick, and he just wouldn't lay down. I think the cone either got in his way or something, so he was just sitting the whole time and would walk around. After a few nights though, he was sleeping normally.
Definitely minimal activity for awhile. She'll need a cone as well. I recommend finding a soft cone. She'll be very happy to see you when you pick her up. It'll go smoothly I'm sure. No doubt you picked the best vet in town for your baby. :)
first vet we picked had a very small office and i hated the way they treated her and hates they way they picked her up, so we switched back our old vet....i just hope she dosent hate me when this is over she has the biggest personality ive ever seen on a puppy
She won't hate you, lol. :) It'll be over and done with and she won't even think about it. People who have done much worse things to pit bulls have been forgiven by them.
Chances are she'll think you are her savior when you go pick her up and "rescue" her from the big bad vets office. No worries. ALL of my animals are fixed, well except the chihuahua, but she goes in Feb. They all come back loving you more. I will keep her in my prayers for a speedy recovery.
We have had all 3 of our pups spayed/neutered - 2 males and 1 female, thanks to a CT based program specifically for Pitbulls. The males came through it as if it were no big deal and wanted to play as soon as they got home. Our female was a little bit more lethargic, but being that the spaying is more invasive, you have to figure it would have affected her more. She was being a typical princess, wanting to be pampered and not to be bothered by our male pups. But as others have already mentioned, limit the physical activity for at least 10 days. No running or long walks, no up and down on stairs, and definitely no roguh playing, if you have other pets. Our vet also said no water for an hour or 2 after the surgery, and then about an hour after that, you can try to give her some solid food. Keep you eye out on the stitches, any excessive bleeding or vomiting should result in a call to your vet. A collar would be advisable, if your pup messes with the stitches. Personally, we did not need the collar for our pups.

Other than that, you should not worry... she will be better before you know it. Good luck!
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How funny I am brining Gargamel in to be neutered tomorrow and I am so so worried. I have done so much research on older neuterings that have made me so scared, he isn't bad now and I love him so why not just keep him intact, god forbid he is allergic or what not to the stuff they give him and he dies. UGH would suck! But I am hoping after he is he will be able to focus better on more than one thing. He gets so so fixated right now on balls, people, dogs if he sees it I can't do anything to get his attention (except going to him, kneeling to his level and forcing him to look at me, and when I let his head go, there he is focused on the thing I am trying to distract him from) fingers crossed your girl will be OK and all works out great for you both!!!

I have his donut cone ready and lots of treats and puppy ice cream. Is he going to be able to get on the couch or bed at night? I just worry because he does this when I am not home, and I don't know if I should lock him in a room without furniture if possible, but he will be so bored without windows to look out, I don't know what to do.

He is also getting chipped! YAY for the chip, lol.
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I am sure that Boo will do fine. I have had many many dogs and cats spayed over the years and not had any troubles. I do not give the pain meds tat they give you tho. I figure if I knock the pain out she will do someting that could hurt her and if she feels the pain she will not do anythng that causes pain. Let us know how it goes.

BTW I have three vets that I use and all three allow me t bring my dogs home hours after surgery. I like that do not leave my dogs over night anyplace.
make sure the vets give you pain meds to bring home. Spays are more of a risk than a neuter because they are so invasive. Make sure to keep her from running around for a week, crate rest is best if you can. Take her outside on leach to go potty then back in the crate. The biggest risk is letter her jump around and the stitches comes lose and she has to go back into the vets. If she starts licking her belly then get her an E collar to wear. Check the incision daily for redness, swelling, pus, or popped stitches.

Most spays and neuters go without any problem but letting them rest so they can heal is the most important. Spays you want in strict rest for at least 5 days neuters at least 3-4 days. Good luck she will be fine ;)
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