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Malaysia Sun
Tuesday 18th January, 2011

As the death toll from the tragic Brazilian floods continue to rise, a single AFP/Getty picture has gone viral on the internet, depicting a timeless depth of loyalty for the dead.

Some 655 people in the state of Rio de Janeiro have been killed, entire families have been devastated and whole towns have been buried by mudslides.

But, brining to light the humanity and the great loss is Leao, a medium-sized light brown cross-breed that is unremarkable in every way, except that she has garnered the love of the global online community with her vigil by the grave of her owner.

Cristina Maria Cesario Santana died in the mudslides that ravaged the area during the past week.

Her faithful dog was there to see her buried in the cemetery in Teresopolis and has refused to leave the grave for three days, maintaining a constant vigil.

For many, Leao has made tangible the sense of loss gripping the region, even though she is a dog.

Dogs are no strangers to loyalty to humans and eachother. There were several remarkable incidents of canine loyalty in 2010 alone.

There was Buddy in Alaska, a German Sheperd who in April went in search of help after his owner's house caught fire, finding a police officer at a cross roads and guiding him back to the house.

In January, a Golden Retriever called Angel was being walked by his 11-year-old owner in Canada when a cougar tried to attack the boy. Angel defended the child by throwing herself between them, and almost died in the process.

And perhaps the most remarkable story, available on You Tube, comes from Chile where in 2008 a stray dog ran onto a busy highway after another dog was run over. The unknown animal ran between rushing cars and dragged the other dog to safety.
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