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Breeder xxl

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Hi everyone

I'm from the netherlands and i'm looking for a good XXl Pitbull breeder with healthy dogs with a good temperament.

Who can help?

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If you're interested in a "thicker" looking dog. I'd recommend researching American Bullys.


I am sure there are more people on here who are more educated in American Bullys, hopefully they'll chime in.
well my question is do you want a red dog or a blue dog? how big do you consider xxl?i know several of either but i dont pass around contact info on a simple question.
U have a thread exactly like this one... no need to make a second
Yeah, i know but i dont know how to remove him. Sorry!
If you need something moves as one of the mods I am closing this one down.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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