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unless the dog was off leash , then thats on you. If he was on leash then she should deff be charged. at this age I think you need to think of quality of life vs the longevity of life, is she in any pain? is this 'limp' only gonna be a physical issue or does it cause her to be in pain? I understand people not being able to pay a $3000 bill thats alot especially in this economy but sometimes we need to step back and look at this through different eyes, if she doesnt get this suregery is it fair to her or is it better to put her out of her pain or hand her over to someone or some organization that can give her this help. I dont know all the facts here or if this is even a pain issue. as far as therapy you can do for her at home best to talk to your vet and see what he recommends, noone here knows what her limits are right now and advising anything without knowing exactly is going on how far along she has een healing what things look like could be giving advice that could further injure her or re injure her. has your vet offered any advice?
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