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My baby Nico was hit by a car last month( the woman had no remorse "are you ok, i have an appointment).We live on backroad and he was not IN the road. She lives on this road as well and speeds by as if noone is around! Thank god it wasnt My child even though my heart stopped as if it was when i saw this!....anyways....he ended up with stitches, lost teeth and a broken back patella(knee joint). He was casted and bandaged up. we removed his cast yesterday and the vet said he may always walk limp now without a $3000 surgery. Its killing me to see my lil guy like this but def cant afford surgery after losing my job due to my pediatric patient of 3 years passing away. I would love to know if there is anything i could do at home in the mean time like physical therapy or suppliments to help him along. he is happy and i love him no matter what his walking status is but he is now just 6 months old and has a long time left. i would appreciate any and all advice.
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