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Article I just wrote about the Ohio Pit Bull Ban Legislation HB 14 on my Bully Breeds website dropping the Pit Bull from the Vicious Dog classification and finally bringing the only state with state-wide BSL back to a common sense approach to dealing with dog related issues. I would love some feedback and critique on how I can write better and more engaging content. Thanks.

Ohio Pit Bull Ban HB 14 has been dropped!


A couple months ago we wrote an article about the HB 14 Pit Bull Ban proposal to drop the "vicious dog" classification automatically given to Pit Bull and Bully Breed dogs in Ohio. At the time Ohio was the only state in America with statewide breed-specific-legislation targeting any specific breed of dog. Originally enacted in 1987 the bill spent 25 years on the books and had been lobbied against heavily by trainers, Pit Bull owners, advocates and non-fear-reactive folks.

The Ohio House of Representatives voted a lopsided 67-30 margin to drop the current classification and do away with the Ohio Pit Bull Ban. The bill will now sit on Ohio Governor John Kasich's desk for approval or a possible veto but it is believed he will enact the bill to become law!

  • The law on the books defined a "vicious dog" as one that, without provocation, had seriously injured a person, killed another dog, or is at all a Pit Bull.
  • "Such a designation triggers additional liability insurance, restraint, and other requirements and increases the chances that a pit bull could be euthanized if picked up on the street."
  • Now the burden of proof lays on the local Warden in action taken against any dog.
  • HB 14 creates a new classification of "nuisance" and enables owners to appeal their dog's classification.

Needless to say this is a HUGE WIN for Pit Bull dogs, owners and enthusiasts. Ohio had been the BSL(breed-specific-legislation) mecca of the world, lending credibility to other towns, cities and countries looking to ban the American Pit Bull Terrier.
Thanks to people like you the HB 14 Ohio Pit Bull ban is dropped!

The movement to educate the public on the Pit Bull's true loving nature and the Pit Bull problem's root cause has hit record heights.

We at TheBullyBreedBlog.com believe dogs should be judged based on their actions and not by their looks.

Still there are some Ohio Lawmakers who opposed dropping the HB 14 Ohio Pit Bull Ban;

  • A former Dog Warden in Ohio, Tom Skeldon had played a critical part in passing the original Ohio Pit Bull ban back in 1987. He said that dropping the ban was "absolutely ridiculous" calling it "a step backwards." He also thought HB 14 "impossible to enforce. And that's exactly what vicious dog owners want."

  • The Warden also directed some personal attacks towards a man named John Robinson Block who is the publisher and editor-in-chief of a local newspaper The Toledo Blade that supported the common sense surrender of the HB 14 Ohio Pit Bull Ban, saying; "It was a very successful law. And now that law is gone largely because of your editor," "It shows an amazing reach of power."

I don't consider myself a "vicious dog owner" and in my not so humble opinion this guy never should've been a Dog Warden in Ohio with scrambled-egg brains. If there are any vicious Pit Bull owners even following the case, I doubt they are smart enough to read.

This is the biggest win against the brainless breed-specific-legislation movement yet and extremely rewarding for me personally, as well as many other American Pit Bull Terrier and Bully Breed owners. Stay up to date and subscribe to our Bully Breed Newsletter by entering your email address into the box in the right-hand column near the top of the page."

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However, Oklahoma was the first state to kick BSL to the curb: "BSL grounding argument does not hold water" ... The Supreme court of Oklahoma said that if anyone in the state was suffering from BSL in their city, to bring it to the states attention NO BSL in Okla. IF SO bring to the States attention. Bartlesville was becoming very BSL until the courts passed that law; hahaha, now its all fizzled out....... Almost overnight after that Supreme court ruling, which it should be.


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Hopefully more states will. It's own by city/town in my state. Which is actually a commonwealth not a state technically. I just hope the douchbag governer doesn't screw it up by refusing to sign the bill. Great steps if it becomes official!!
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