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Most of you know Im very involved with removing BSL. I support any state, country, city, or county that is fighting BSL in anyway possible!! Well, this might just happen with BSL in Miami Dade County! Im part of a coalition against BSL based out of Miami and we need your support and help in any way possible. Read the letter filled with good news below from the president of our coalition and act upon it.

December 23, 2011
Dear MCABSL Board Members, Members, Regional Directors, Affiliates and friends:
We are proud to announce that our effort to end breed specific legislation, is presently at a pivotal crossroad. There are two identical bills that have been filed in the Florida legislature. One is the House Bill 997, filed by Representative Carlos Trujillo and its companion Senate Bill 1322, filed by Senator Jim Norman. This is a crucial and final step towards ending BSL, specifically in Miami Dade County.

In Florida law: Section 767.14 prohibits breed discrimination in Florida except in cities or counties where a breed discriminatory ordinance was in place prior to October 1, 1990. This exemption clause is what grandfathered in Miami Dade County which has banned the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and their mixes, since 1989.

By simply amending Section 767.14 to eliminate the clause grandfathering in breed discriminatory ordinances in effect prior to October 1, 1990, the state could effectively bring an end to Miami Dade's pit bull ban that has resulted in nothing more than thousands of innocent dogs being sentenced to death, leaving their grieving responsible owners behind.
Now is the time to show your support on behalf of every sentient being that has suffered the consequences under BSL.

Please write to Senator Jim Norman at [email protected] and Representative Carlos Trujillo at [email protected] thank them for taking on the challenge to correct this horrible wrong doing.
Contact your local senators and representatives and urge them to sponsor and support these bills, by faxing, e mailing or calling their state or local offices. Our voices must be heard loud and strong, while remembering that education and awareness is the key to our eminent success. Only after we eliminate breed discriminatory laws can we begin to make true, substantive humane animal welfare reform.

On behalf of all our Board Members, Regional Directors, Advisors, sponsors, affiliates, members and all the fallen angels and their responsible owners, from the bottom of my heart I thank you.
In Hope and Commitment
Founder/Director for the MCABSL

BSL in Cleveland was removed recently, we can do this together not just in helping removed BSL in Miami Dade County but in every other place as we fight against BSL in unison. Thanks guys! :)

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