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The Bully Booth
Hosted by
Bully the Kid

Tonight the Booth is back and BTK is bringing it again!! What's the real deal with Bloodlines? When does a breeding program achieve bloodline status, based off one dogs, or based off characteristics found consistently in offspring?

The Doc is back to discuss the facts concerning one of the number one diseases killing Bully Breeds, the Parvo Virus!! Facts and Myths and what's really needed to protect our pets!

Bully Breeds are going international and tonight we talk to people from other countries about Bully Breeds in thier individual countries!!!

10pm EST Tonight!!!!!

Call in with your questions or statements(646)727-3340

Or email us [email protected]

On www.BullyWorldRadio.com join us in the AmericanBullyWorld chat room

Or in our BlogTalk Chat room!!!

10pm EST/ 7pm PST
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