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bunnys 4th day of school

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half the class the teacher was messing with the GSD in the class *rolls eyes*
she was showing theowner how to give him the command and the damn thing BIT her... and continued after correction,.. so, it took half an hour of messing around, while everyone else just stood there.

but there was a highlight of the class, the last 10 min's she said that we were going to try "stand stay" she showed us how to make our dogs stand. then told us that this was really hard to learn so go very slow.

so everyone took an isle, I stacked bunny and told her to stay, backed up to the end of my lead and waited for the teacher.

the teacher was shocked. then she asked me if I could walk around bunny without her "breaking" the stand.
so i did, and she didnt budge.
then the teacher asked if I could demo what she just seen in front of the whole class... we did and bunny rocked it :p

I think the pit bull hating teacher is starting to come around. good work bunny....
I also told the teacher that bunny's DA cant be trained out so lets NOT bother, and she said "ok" whew, glad I wont have to hear her stupid suggestions on how to "control" it.. lmao.

lay down, stay... owner goes slightly out of sight.
a could dogs come out of the command and got a little close to bunny. good thing I was paying attention.

weave the boxes, fast pace

"dog" distraction....

the other dogs were "weaving" the others. as they would walk by bunny I would distact her with food, hold her close just in case she blew up.
pretty close huh?

now her badass stand stay...

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That is so awesome :) Go Bunny go!!!!! I just love her :love:
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