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My girlfriend is the head teacher at a local preschool and for the past few weeks they have been doing a section on pets/animals. The kids talked about their pets etc., and did a collection for supplies for the local shelter. Well I suggested since we just rescued a pitbull puppy that I bring her in. Well today was the day. Cali who is 3 months old was the best little pit around these kids, who's ages range from 2-5. She is normally a typical hyper puppy, but she seen those little kids and it was like she had taken yrs. of obedience classes. Her tail was just a wagging, but she did not try to jump on any of the kids, or even mouth them a little, which she tries with me all the time. She even layed right down and let the kids circle around her and pet her. I am one proud daddy today. It amazes me that even at 3 months old its like she knows that she has to be gentle with these kids even though there were about ten of them circling her and being loud. All was not completly good though. One kid asked what kind she was and when my gf/ their teacher said pitbull the boy was quick to say oh is she mean? My gf of course said no, but then gave a lesson that any dog has the potential to be mean if not treated well. Even one of her co-teachers made a negative comment about the breed, but we were quick to correct her. This was a great experience for Cali and the kids who are now practicing their writing, by writing stories about Cali and writing her invitations to come and visit them again. I sure hope she will turn into a great role model for the breed.
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