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February 25, 2011 article related to Ladysmith: ttp://www.bclocalnews.com/vancouver_island_central/ladysmithchronicle/news/116949678.html

Owners able to walk unmuzzled pooches thanks to new bylaw

Dogs certified by Canadian Kennel Club can get exemptions

By Darrell Bellaart, Daily News July 30, 2011

Chris and Beverly Wood walked their English bull terriers unmuzzled in Ladysmith for the first time since the spring this week.

They're taking advantage of an exemption now available to owners of restricted dog breeds in that town.

Dogs considered dangerous under the bylaw, such as pit bulls and similar breeds, certified by the Canadian Kennel Club good neighbour course qualify for the exemption.

The Woods challenged the bylaw in February, after a neighbour reported them for walking their bull terriers unmuzzled.

They complained to town council. A committee was formed to review the bylaw. On that committee's recommendations, council passed a motion to amend the bylaw by creating the exemption. The Woods's dogs, Rosie and Junior, passed their good neighbour testing last week.

It's not the outcome the Woods originally wanted, but they see it as an improvement.

"It's kind of a compromise," Beverley said. "We still don't believe dogs should be classified purely by breed."

A movement is afoot to scrap breed-specific dangerous animal bylaws. Mounting evidence suggests dog temperament, not its breed determines its propensity for aggression.

Dog Friendly Nanaimo, a small, community-based organization, tests restricted dogs for the city of Nanaimo.

"We don't feel breed specific (regulations) always work," said Toni Morrison, a founding member of the group.

"They've been proven to be not effective."

A study by the American Temperament Test Society looking at such qualities as stability, shyness, aggressiveness and friendliness, rates American pit bulls at 84.1% on the good temperament scale, just behind standard poodles, two points above golden retrievers and four points ahead of border collies.

Pit bulls and similar breeds are singled out because the wiry dogs are currently popular with criminals. Many owners use punishment training to bring out aggressive qualities. It feeds a media frenzy whenever an serious attack occurs.

"When all of a sudden every drug dealer has a pit bull, that's why the numbers jump," Wood said.

Wood appreciates the freedom to walk her dogs unmuzzled, "but at the same time I resent having to (get tested) because it requires time and effort."

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Owners able to walk unmuzzled pooches thanks to new bylaw

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YAY!!!! we have seen alot of old bylaws being changed here lately the one in delta who had a flat out ban on this breed lifted it at the end of last year { its about 30min from here} Hope this is a continuing trend for B.C.We still have a few places in Vancouver that have bans in place and I believe part of our island has a muzzle law in place as well.
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