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Casey Anthony trial

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Anyone been following this case? I just want to see justice for that poor little girl. Casey Anthony is guilty....she has the look of a stone cold killer on her face and the lies this girl is telling. It's been a very interesting trial to say the least and has sucked in many followers. Just curious how others feel.
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Yes, don't get me started on it. I have read over 2000 pages of evidence documents including the outgoing messages from her cell phone. 31 days+daughter missing+not reporting it+partying= LYING, DECEIVING, SOCIOPATH YOU KNOW WHAT
Dude and then to throw her away in a freaking trash bag!!! In her secret hide out where she used to go as a kid. And those parent's of hers are nut job enablers. No wonder why their daughter is a freaking psychopath! They know she killed that baby and they want to stand by her and protect her! Heck no. This woman literally makes me sick. I can't imagine the mind set of a person who would want to harm a child. You have to be a real sick SOB to hurt a kid.

What about that other little girl Shanyia Davis whose mother sold her to pay of a drug debt and the guy rapped and killed the little 5 year old girl my stomach turned when I saw him carrying that little girl into the elevator of that hotel. I swear these people need to be torchered and then x'ed off the planet for eternity.
I said don't get me started girl! I'll go in hard lol Gah I hope that bottom feeding jankity waste of space gets what is finally coming to her.
It is asinine and a complete travesty. What I have to say about all of this I cannot do so in the open forum. I will leave on this note though: If she is guilty of lying to law enforcement but not guilty of murder then what did she really have to lie about? Hmmmm.... Bet the jury didn't think about that ish; furthermore, I hope that little girl's face is forever burned into each one of those jurors' conscience. My stomach is still in knots after hearing the verdict. Maybe they'll go after the grandparents next.In my opinion, they are just as responsible for this as Casey is... I mean their daughter and granddaughter lived with them and don't come home for 31 days.... GTFOOH!!!
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Those grandparents are just as much to blame for all of this. I don't feel sorry for them they are the reason they have a sociopath for a daughter for enabling her all her life protecting her through this whole case even LYING for her!!! They are all wacko crazy! Not making her take responsibility for ANYTHING she does letting her live at home and party around like she doesn't have a kid to take care of. Casey Anthony is the female version of Scott Peterson! Those two are a match made in heaven. I swear this has to be one of the saddest cases I have seen in a long time.
I read every page of document evidence including emails between family members prior to Caylee being reported missing and after.... Cindy's mother and Casey's grandmother said she knew she did something to that little girl. As for the pool cover up... it was talked about in July 2008 that she may have drowned in the pool but wasn't mentioned again until the trial.
The father of her child is dead....I think he had died in a car crash or something of that nature or so Casey said. Recently the fathers mother came forward right here in Massachusetts. At least she claims to be Caylees biological grandmother and that her son told her before his death that he fathered a child with a woman in Florida. Could be any woman in Florida....who knows what is true anymore with this case.
That whack job has no idea who her baby daddy is
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