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These dog training schools are a scam! You cannot learn what you need to know in a 6 week course about dog training. If you want to become a dog trainer you need to mentor under someone. Find someone to work under and work your own dogs as well. When people are looking for a reputable dog trainer they will look for accomplishments you have on your own dog as well as experience. 99 percent of good dog trainers do not go to a school to learn they have learned from experience over the years. So if you are interested in dog training you need to do work with your own dogs and more than just sit, down, and stay and find someone to mentor you. It will take you about a good 5 years to learn what you need to learn to be able to handle just about anything. Having a good eye and learning dog behavior is something that takes a while to learn. I started when I was very young by working my own dogs and mentoring under a decent trainer. After a while under supervision I started teaching classes but was always learning as I went. It took several years before I got a good grasp of what I was doing and felt confident enough to start my own business. I now have a very successful business with good accomplishments on my dogs from all sorts of venues and with multiple dogs. What is looked down upon are these so called trainers popping up all over who have gone to these training schools but know nothing about dog behavior and have no accomplishments of their own. I can't tell you how much business I get when they learn nothing from these so called trainers and I have to help them fix the problems they created. What I really hate are all these sit mean sit franchise that are popping up. They are training with shock collars and these idiots know nothing about how to use them correctly and dog then suffers for it. I have seem many dogs ruined by the so called trainers. It is very sad to see someone who does not know how to use an e collar sit there and toucher a dog. I use e collars sometimes but I also know how to correctly use them. These yahoos don't because they can get a franchise license very easily and just have to attend a few weeks training.
So don't waste your money do it the right way and mentor under someone.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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