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April 22-25 2011. The sbt slass is sponsored by psbtc that my handler is apart of. She may be showing her red female, i am in love with. I should be there a few days with onyx. I am anxious to meet breeders and vendors. I have to get onyx a new wp harness. His old harness dosent go around his ckeeks or eyebrows. I am gping to seek some reading literature out, try to learn stuff on my own

If you plan on going llet me know and pissibly exchange numbers and meet. This is the same show i had plans to meet with davidfitness83 and meet him and his now wife. That friday i recieved a call from my breeder letting me know onyx was ready to come home with me. With that said it will be 1yr to the day that saturday i have had my only son at home with me

Go daggit go i wannt meet JOOOOOOOO!!!
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