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I thought you all might be interested. :woof:

Patcheeno the Pit Bulls stars in the children's book that I wrote and it is now available at amazon ~
Patcheeno's R-R-RUFF RUFF Day: Thérèse "Patch O' Pits" Weiner, Nicolas Peruzzo: 9781612252797: Amazon.com: Books

& Barnes and Noble ~ Patcheeno's R-R-RUFF RUFF Day by Th?r?se "Patch O' Pits" Weiner, Nicolas Peruzzo | | 9781612252797 | Paperback | Barnes & Noble
Have you ever had a REALLY R-R-Ruff Ruff day, felt different, been picked on or been left out? Well, Patcheeno knows what that's all about. Just read about this adore-a-bull patch-eyed pup, and in a while, he'll steal your heart, and give you a great big PIT BULL smile that will reach up to the Dog Star and stretch out for a K9 mile.
Therese & Patcheeno

1 - 3 of 3 Posts