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Crossett Citizens' Bark Worse Than Threat of Pit Bulls in City

The Crossett City Council is rethinking initiating a city-wide ban on pit bulls, one of the items on the council's November meeting. "We're not going to pursue that right now," Mayor Scott McCormick said at the beginning of the council's regular December meeting Monday night, December 18.

McCormick said the planned action had caused an "uproar" among pit bull owners in Crossett. "We will look at a revision of the city's dog ordinance later, and not ban the breed," he said.

Attorney Sandra Bradshaw addressed the council on behalf of her client, Dr. Scarlett White, owner of Oak Tree Animal Hospital. She said that if the council did ban the owning of pit bulls within the city limits, that she wanted an exception included in the ordinance which would allow White to continue to treat pit bulls owned by people who live outside the city and also to board the dogs at her clinic if necessary.

Two dog owners, Carrie Oliver and Vickie McCarty, each said they own pit bulls, which stay inside their houses, and asked the council not to ban the breed. McCormick said the dog ordinance will probably be changed, and that the council will not ban the pit bull breed inside the city limits.


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