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October 12, 2006
Dog ban costing me neighbors
By Susan O'Bryan
Managing Editor

There's a routine on my street. Or at least, there was. The deep rumble of two Harley-Davidson motorcycles would remind me that it was Saturday morning, that it was time for me to get up and on with the day.
Now, the weekend morning is silent.

Gone are my neighbors, Larry and Charlotte Holmes, along with their baby, Katie Sue. No, not a human baby, but a baby to them just the same.
Katie Sue is commonly known as a pit bull. On our street, she's known as the gentle-natured, four-legged companion who accompanied her proud papa on nightly strolls.

Or so, she once was. She's not here anymore. Instead, she and her human family moved away from Clinton and the house they planned to be their retirement home.

Katie Sue and the Holmes are among the victims of a breed specific dog ban, one that may come back and bite the city on its hindquarters.

Two groups have filed lawsuits trying to force the city to rethink its ordinance. For many families, though, resolution, whatever it may be, will be too late.

A few area towns have dog bans, but Brandon rescinded its. Jackson has an ordinance requiring so-called vicious dogs to be registered with the city.

The ordinance is forcing law-abiding citizens with pit bulls or rottweilers to leave the city or hide their pets in fear of having them eventually euthanized.
Less committed pet owners are abandoning their "vicious" animals, leaving them to attack residents, be picked up by animal shelters or be hit by traffic.

A city ordinance should protect residents, and so far, there's no proof that the breed-specific ban does. Wouldn't it make more sense to punish negligent owners of any breed rather than ban certain breeds?

Clinton officials, please rethink this ordinance before I lose any more neighbors.

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