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Wll I've been working on my kennels in the new house formsomemtime and had times to get you some pics and ill take you through it step by step. First I am going to go over the collapsable roof. Here itmis from the side

Te support beams are 4x4s, and the frame is made out of 4 2x4s, with 4 others in-between for bracing and support. The top is plywood. I made it a foot short of half the length of the deck. I did this so when it flips it's not hitting the fence in front and then the whole deck can be lifted and cleaning can be done. Tere are 2 hinges on the front side of the 4x4s I'll show them now

And for the back there is latches that get held in place with carribean clips

The roof is also shingled with a layer of tar paper and shingles

A little extra thing I do for the dogs is with the tar paper I put it in the coner of the kennel that receives the most sunlight and flip it upside down so it will ab sorb the heat here it is

Alright now I'll go over the dog house. It is made out of a 55 gallon barrel withnthe frame made out of 2x4s and it is 6 inches off the ground here are the pics it's self explanatory

Du,emwas hang in around with me today catchin some rays while I worked figured I'd share those pics as well.

This last pic the bench he is on is really old it's from a rodeo arena here in my town that isn't in the original spot anymore and I plan to restore it. Duke seems to like it lol. Wll that's about all I have I hope this helped some of you.
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