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Corinth prepares for revised vicious animal ordinance
7/22/2007 10:44:01 PM
Daily Journal

"Vicious" breeds:

(Or mixed breed that includes any of these)

- American pit bull terrier

- Staffordshire bull terrier

-American Staffordshire terrier and

- any animal commonly known as a pit bull or rottweiler

* SOURCE: City of Corinth ordinance

By Lena Mitchell
Daily Journal Corinth Bureau

CORINTH - A revised animal control ordinance set to take effect Aug. 2 in Corinth defines vicious dogs and requires that those breeds be registered.

"This is a controversial topic," said Dr. Jennifer Burgess, an animal behaviorist at Mississippi State University. "Every dog will bite in a given situation, but getting bitten by something as powerful as a rottweiler can make a difference. You have to look at what the dog was bred for in the first place, and these are particularly aggressive breeds."

Dogs bred for protection or dog fighting have an innately higher arousal level and their response and quickness will kick in more often than a breed bred as a lap dog, she said.

Issuing permits
Earlier this week, the city board designated the Corinth-Alcorn Humane Society as the agency to issue permits to owners of the breeds for a one-time licensing fee of up to $20.

Additional new requirements of the ordinance include:

- The pet owner must carry liability insurance coverage of at least $25,000.

- The vicious animal must be confined by an enclosure with secure sides and a secure top. If the enclosure doesn't have a bottom secured to the sides, it must be embedded in the ground a minimum of two feet. The animal may not be kept on a porch, patio or any part of a house or structure where windows are open and a screen is the only barrier between the animal and the outside.

- The owner must display a notice sign in a prominent place with the words "Beware of Dog."

Owners of these breeds must register the animals within 30 days after the new law takes effect, including submitting a photo of the dog and the address where it is housed. If ownership of the animal is transferred, the Humane Society must be notified.

One dog owner said he gave up his pit bull pet in anticipation of the new law.

"I think it's bad to outlaw any particular breed of dog," said Unbraye Greer. "I have a little cocker spaniel and she's of a size that she could do some damage if she were trained like that."

Contact Daily Journal Corinth Bureau reporter Lena Mitchell at 287-9822 or [email protected] djournal. com


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look i own 8 pit bulls my self and all of them are good with people as well as kids.My two yera old plays with them everyday.The funny thing is my mom has a ankle bitter and that dog is far more visious than any of my dogs i think it is not smart to make all these laws against these dogs. Just leave them alone dont just pick on the bull dogs.I mean heck we have to have all this insurance and crap what about all the other breeds of dogs and not just the big ones the small ones too.

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this is a very old post but you are right Nicole, ;)
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