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Council to trial dog attack DNA kit

A Melbourne council is hoping DNA testing will help it identify the animals involved in dog attacks.

Port Phillip Council will trial a kit, allowing rangers to collect evidence after an attack.

It says nearly half of dogs involved in attacks have been involved in previous attacks and DNA testing will help to identify them sooner.

The general manager of DNA testing company Genetic Technologies, Ian Smith, says it will make tracing the dogs involved much easier.

"Police have well documented methods to take samples and transport them, but the councils don't," Mr Smith said.

"So this kit will provide all the necessary documentation utensils they need to take a sample and transport it to our laboratories so the evidentiary requirements can be upheld in
a criminal prosecution if they get to that point".

He says it will also act as a deterrent to irresponsible dog owners.

"It's an important initiative because there's more than one Victorian a day that is admitted to a public hospital in Victoria as the result of a dog attack," he said.

"In the city of Port Phillip there is one reported dog attack per day".

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