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Crate Training Question ..

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So I get the big picture of crate training. My question, is what size kennel to get her? Ive seen the ones with dividers, so i can make the length shorter while shes a pup, and extend it to when she gets older. They have sizes, for example:
Up to 70lbs
Up to 90lbs

etc. From other pit owners, what do you guys recomend, so im not swapping out diff kennels as she grows.

Also, shes 6 weeks, is it too early to start yet? Can she even understand whats going on? My fiance got her chihuahua at 8 weeks, its 11 now. She gets the idea. Goes outside, doesnt go in the house anymore. Not so sure about Dolce since shes so young.

Input and feedback please.
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Make sure not to get one to big or be sure to use the divider bc i made the mistake of a too big crate and my dog would relieve himself on one side and stay on the other. if they don't have enough room to do that, they usually hold it for the purpose of not wanting to dirty their living space. I have only had one incident where he had an accident in a smaller kennel, and even then he put his butt up to the side and defecated outside of the crate lol.

They should have enough room to stand up and turn a circle comfortably.
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