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Crate Training Question ..

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So I get the big picture of crate training. My question, is what size kennel to get her? Ive seen the ones with dividers, so i can make the length shorter while shes a pup, and extend it to when she gets older. They have sizes, for example:
Up to 70lbs
Up to 90lbs

etc. From other pit owners, what do you guys recomend, so im not swapping out diff kennels as she grows.

Also, shes 6 weeks, is it too early to start yet? Can she even understand whats going on? My fiance got her chihuahua at 8 weeks, its 11 now. She gets the idea. Goes outside, doesnt go in the house anymore. Not so sure about Dolce since shes so young.

Input and feedback please.
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No i didnt get a chance to see her parents. Im probable, going to go with the up to 70lb one. Do pits usually weight more than that? I dont plan on weight trainig her, or bulking her up or anything special.
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