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Crixus and Xena

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We had a large family gathering at the park. We took the girls with us so Crixus could meet some more of the family.
Crixus and Noodle BFF'S

Xena and Crixus

She didn't want to be down anymore

She fell asleep in mommies arms :D

The Bears!

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They look so happy! are Crixus and Xena leaving each other alone? They look pretty ok on leash. I think it's more if they were off leash that they would hate each other ;) I could not be more happy with how this litter is turning out, it makes me want to repeat it!
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Wait till I have more space before you repeat!!! I want at least 2 more! LMAO

I don't allow them off leash with each other so we will never know if they would be friends ;) They are perfectly fine onleash and even laying next to each other. A play environment could lead to issues though.
i meant on lash friends. lol i would not trust them off leash they are bitches after all:) They hate to love each other and always have I know I need more room too :woof:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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