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I adopted a American Pitbull Terrier puppy. My last pittie, Savannah was an Amstaff. She passed last year at 14+. She was my everything, service dog, emotional support, best friend and love of my life. I have been struggling without her in every way. The puppy I adopted, Olivia is specifically to be trained as my new service dog in several task areas. However I've noticed her tail curls almost twice. Her anus seems to bulge way more than normal even when pooping. She also sits more on her back legs and her bottom doesn't touch the floor. Neither of her parents or any of her 6 siblings have this tail. They all have the straight tail. She will be 8 weeks tomorrow. Is this indicative of a spinal/vertebrae issue? I'm concerned that she will not be able to Service.

Including pics to show what I am referring to. I have not seen a pittie with as severe a curled tail as Olivia has. I think the pressure from it being forced up is the cause of her anus bulging out.


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