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Dang it!

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Coming home tonight, pulled in the driveway, backed up to the house and ran over the dang cat! Now I hate cats but this was GOOD cat and the kids loved this joker, I even liked this guy!. My youngest daughter would carry him upside down all over the yard and he would just let her. THE KIDS LOVE THIS CAT and I just ran over its head!. I have no idea how, he was infront of me when I started backing up!!!! It didn't kill him but it tore his jaw off, and broke his back, now I have to take care of the rest, not looking forward to telling the kids
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Oh man you are all terrible parents! LMAO, kidding kidding....

Andy that is terrible. I didn't want to look at this thread but I couldn't help it. Poor poor kitty :( I hope you made the "finishing" quick and got the kitty out of its misery as soon as possible.
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