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"No formal item is on the Daviess County Fiscal Court agenda yet, but according to Roby, animal control is looking at the ordinance"

NOTHING has been proposed, but we may want to send some good, non-breed specific ordinances to Daviess County since they are reviewing ordinances. Send suggestions to the County Recorder requesting they forward to animal control: [email protected] org


Pit Bull ban: All bark, no bite?

May 17, 2007 07:05 PM CDT
Reporter: Stuart Peck
New Media Producer: Rachel Beavin

There's been a lot of talk in Daviess County of a possible ban on pit bulls. But is it all bark and no bite?

The fiscal court has stepped away from passing a ban on certain dog breeds, but still believe a stricter ordinance is needed.

A ban on pit bulls, some said it would have been a good idea, others believed it was not the Daviess County Fiscal Court's decision to make. Now the court is looking into an animal ordinance that would put restrictions on dogs that are deemed aggressive.

But who decides what's aggressive, and what's not?

Teresa Rybicky owns two pit bulls, and she says even though a ban on her pets isn't being considered, this isn't an acceptable alternative, "You can't base a dog being potentially dangerous by passing by and it barking or jumping up on a fence."

But Daviess County's Dog Warden, Joey Roby, says the dog jumping on the fence could be effecting the neighbors,
"People that live next door to someone that has a bigger dog, a more aggressive dog that charges at the fence all the time. Some of these people are not able to go out in their back yard and enjoy their own property, and I think that's a shame and I think that we need to address that."

Roby says he, like many others, didn't think a ban on certain breeds of dogs was a good solution. However, Roby says he is extra careful when he gets a call about a pit bull, "If I get a call, I would rather respond to a beagle running loose than a pit bull. Because when you hear the pit bulls you have to think, it could be a dangerous situation."

Regardless, Rybicky says it's not her pit bulls that she's worried about being labeled aggressive, "When I have friends or family over, I'm more concerned about the cocker spaniel than I am my two pit bulls."

No formal item is on the Daviess County Fiscal Court agenda yet, but according to Roby, animal control is looking at the ordinance.
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