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Denver's pit bull ban is facing oppositon - Colorado Springs Pet Rescue | Examiner.com

The City Council in Denver may be considering amending its pit bull ordinance by instead focusing on responsible dog ownership, versus targeting a specific breed. The city of Denver put forth a ban on pit bulls in 1989 following a few highly publicized pit bull attacks. However, according to The Denver Post, Denver still has twice the ratio of dog-bite hospitalizations as Boulder, El Paso and Jefferson counties, none of which has breed-specific legislation.

Like the German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Doberman, the rise in popularity of pit bulls and the sheer strength of their jaws made them an easy target for discrimination. Pit bulls are well known in the rescue community as being intelligent, highly trainable, and social. Unfortunately, those same traits also made them attractive to those in the illegal dog fighting business.

What communities across the nation are seeing is that breed specific legislation does not work, and it is costly to implement. The Center for Disease Control does not support breed banning, citing that reckless owners will only replace and train unregulated breeds to be aggressive. The pit bulls in Colorado Springs have escaped breed specific legislation to this point, but the public's negative association with the breed has not made adoption any easier.

An across the board ban on an entire breed is unwarranted and the law should instead focus on irresponsible owners and all dangerous dogs. All breeds of dogs will bite, however dogs who are trained, socialized, and neutered are less likely to aggressive. To learn more about breed specific legislation, or to adopt a friendly, lovable pit bull in need, contact Mariah's Promise or The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.
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