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did I hear her right???

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I don't know if this is an old episode of pitbulls and parolees or what but I saw just now the episode where tia was evaluating "alex's" dog Gwato who is DA and HA. I understood Tia's statement that "blue dogs were genetically wired to be that way (DA and HA) as a result of bad breeding" ...I am still stunned i think I understood that. I don't have a dvr to rewind it and listen again... but :confused:...Anyone?Anyone else see that???
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This is why i cant watch it , everytime i see snippets i vomit in my mouth a little.

But performance is right , her heart is in the right place, and i cant knock it to much besides cashing in on the unfortunate breed that because of its notoriety is making her money. same as shorty toss.
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