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Do you think my dog is a pitbull?

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I honestly know you guy's probably hate this question as I assume it comes a lot on these forums but I would really like to know if my dog is pitbull/part pitbull.

What are your thoughts?
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You cannot idenitfy a dogs breed just off what it looks like
Ofcourse you can idenitfy the breed of a dog by the looks, maybe not all dogs but the majority of breeds you can.

I have no idea over pitbulls/terrier family as pitbulls and staffies do get mixed up in their looks.
I want to say a mix but it's hard to tell with the light in the picture and with no papers ull never really know. How old is he?
He is 3 years old, I bought him thinking he was an Irish staffordshire bull terrier he didn't have any papers. I just have growing concerns about what breed he actually is, is there any possible way of finding out for sure?
DNA test or papers and 3 years old? I thought he was a puppy still :) lol
See the problem is if he was a pitbull he would be taken from me and put down, if I got a DNA test done and it turned out positive do you think the vet/person doing it would automatically call and tell the dogs breed?

I honestly am so worried about losing him, when he was a puppy a specialist came out and examined him over a period of 6 months and let us keep him, do you think he could have known when he was a puppy that he wasn't a pitbull?
DNA test's for determining what breed of dog you own are NOT accurate don't even waste your money on that garbage.

And why are you at risk of having your dog taken from you if it's an APBT?
They became illegal here in the UK before I got him when a pitbull killed a child, that is why they sent out a guy to keep checking up on him, he came out to see his temperment and measured him but after 6 months of random call outs he said we were find to keep him, however recently they are looking to bring in a strong ban on "dangerous dogs" which would include staffies.

Everyone here assumes they are evil dogs, but my dog is everything but evil, he would probably lick you to death if that was possible.

He is actually my life, I have trained him so hard from playing dead to getting socks out of my drawer.

But it doesn't matter how good the dog is if its a pitbull it's taken from you and put down.
I just think it's terrible that they don't give the dog a second glance, but if worst comes to worst I can just move to Ireland where they are not illegal.

I'd rather move than give him up, he is the child I never had.

He is registered, insured, neutered and microchipped. (all that had to been done when the man said I could keep him)

My house is completely fenced up with 6 foot fences and I walk him in my grandas field (he loves to chase the sheep).

People say they are unpredictable dogs and could bite at any second, yet he runs towards sheep barking but when the sheep run at him he runs back to me with his tail between his legs like he has been told off.

Bah, now i'm heading away from the topic itself.

Thanks for your help guys.
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This is a big story a lot of dog owners are following:

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