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Dock Dogs Debut!

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We got back last night and I am officially hooked! I had a blast, almost as much fun as Garp did. He was insane. As soon as he figured out that it was the same as jumping off the dock at the river, he couldn't wait to get back on deck. So he screamed the entire time trying to get back on while we were waiting for our turns. And screamed the entire time on the dock too.

We did 2 Big Air waves and 1 Speed Retrieve. Big Air is the distance jump. The dog goes after a bumper/toy thrown by the handler. Our first practice jump, he skidded to the end of the dock and started screaming. The pool water was much clearer than he was used to, so I think it threw him off at first. However, as soon as he figured out it was okay, he never looked back!

Speed Retrieve is a little different, and something he wasn't at all used to. You run the dog from a specific point on the dock, then the dog jumps in and swims out to a bumper suspended by magnets at the end of the pool. It took him a bit to figure out what he was supposed to do, by he got it by our second run, despite a bit of hesitation. (Turn up the volume on the video, the announcer's commentary during Speed Retrieve is hilarious).

I'm so, so proud of him. He really gave it his all and was a clear crowd favorite. People got a kick out of his sheer enthusiasm... Screams and all! The event was at a county fair, so there were families in the stands and everyone wanted to come meet him.

I was thrilled with everything overall. Everybody with the event was so welcoming and supportive and forthcoming with advice, help, and encouragement. This is definitely something we're going to stick with and keep working at! There's another event in Marshfield, WI over Labor Day weekend and we'll be there for at least 2 days! Obviously, we're just starting out and good technique is pretty nonexistent right now, but he has the heart and drive for it and we're getting back to the practice dock tomorrow!

It makes me so happy seeing him so pumped about something. Enjoy!

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That's great! Marshfield huh? Maybe ill try to make it there to watch him over Labor Day. Can you post the info?
Nice pics..looks like a good jumper.
Great job Garp! Such a good sport for it being his first time out. Thanks for sharing with us! Sometimes I wished my little girl liked water, but my mutt boy loves the water. He's happy to even jump in the bath tub, tail wagging, to get bathed!

Can't wait to see your updates from the next competition!
I am so impressed. He did amazing!!! So happy for both of you but especially Garp! He looks like a natural!

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Thanks everyone! I can't think of a better way to have spent the weekend.

redog, here ya go!

Central Wisconsin State Fair - DockDogs Inc.

I'm not sure which days out of the 5 we'll be going yet, but I'll keep you posted!
A couple new pictures from that weekend...

(None of them belong to me or were taken by me)

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That's awesome!!!! Great job you guys. We too are dock jumping addicts ;) lol.
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