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We have a roughly 6 month ld pit mix. What she is mixed with, I don't know.
She has never shown aggression of any kind...until yesterday.

I took her to the groomer to get her nails clipped. As we were walking in the door ( I had her on leash) a little schnauzer started barking at her. She went ballistic.
She freaked, she was trying to get to all the dogs in the place. Luckily, they had a little gated area when you first walk in and she was on leash so she didn't get anywhere. Although, she was trying to jump the gates.

Is this a sign of things to come? I knew this was a possibility of happening but somehow I guess I just never expected it.
So, I am asking for advice. How do I handle this? Is it possible to take her in public? Should I get a muzzle for public?
Thanks for any advice.

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great this happened with her on leash.
a muzzle,if'n she'll wear it would be A good idea when you've got her out and you know their'll be mixed company.also kinda get in the habit of having one around even when you don't suspect mixing.ya never know.
it's always A great question,and never a bad answer or solution.
again,I'm grateful you handled it.and had the foresight that it was an eventual.most folks either don't believe it,or are aghast AFTER it goes south.great job, and welcome.

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Glad she was on leash and nothing happened. You can teach her to leave it and for her to ignore other dogs it takes time and patients but it can be done. Like was posted before find yourself a god trainer and then work with her everyday. She can becoem a model citizen with a little work.
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