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For those that don't know. This is the same animal shelter who took all their dogs out to an abandoned field and used them as target practice,then buried them in shallow graves.

Dog Fighting Allegations at Chesterfield County Animal Shelter | Charlotte News | Weather | Carolina Panthers | Bobcats | FOX Charlotte | Local News

CHESTERFIELD CO., S.C. - Cement weights, a chain, a "work out" area, all at an animal shelter. Maybe the Chesterfield County employees or the inmates who worked at the shelter were using the equipment on their lunch break. Dog fighting experts say that type of equipment can be used to train pit bulls. We're told the equipment has been gone for a few years. "In my opinion, nothing has gotten better, they've only gotten better at hiding things," says animal rescuer "Jennifer."

She has more than four years of experience with the Chesterfield Shelter. On her first visit, she went undercover and asked about buying "game dogs." She says she was led straight to the pits.

She says an inmate, desperate to sell her a dog for ten or 20 bucks, set up an impromptu fight. She says, "He was talking about one dog in particular that would make a lot of money and he takes a smaller mixed breed dog from the kennel nearby and he slings his dog in with the pit bull and I watched it get mauled to death right in front of me."

Even now, four years later, she asked us to protect her identity. "I do, I kinda fear for my safety, because you never know who's involved."

One of the county employee's names kept popping up on dogs, Jennifer says. Brian Burch, the shelter director, is also a convicted felon. In the 90's, he was sentenced to three years in prison plus a $10,000 fine for coke and LSD.

Rescuers like Jennifer tell us kennel tags marked "hold pit bull" were common place. The shelter doesn't allow pits to be adopted. "On kennels, there was papers saying 'hold for Brian Burch.' A lot of these dogs would be severely scarred, so skinny. Every one of 'em, pits. Never another breed of dog," says Jennifer.

And then, there's the possible Michael Vick connection. News of his arrest in 2007 apparently gave some folks in Chesterfield County something to brag about, according to Jennifer. "I know a lot of people have told me they have bought dogs from Brian and Brian breeds dogs and Brian sells dogs and so they were proud of their dogs at that point because they said their dogs had blood lines of some of Michael Vick's blood line, that Brian's dogs could be traced back to Vick."

We left messages with the Sheriff and Brian Burch but they didn't return our calls. Burch and three other shelter employees remain on administrative leave.

I dunno what do you think? After the shooting incident, I would not be surprised. Yet again, it seems like a load of doodoo
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