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These are great pictures! I cannot believe how high Dakota jumps! Isn't there a high jump he can compete in? It might be dock dogs that has that but I bet he would win my gosh!!

Dosia is just the best and so handsome! great job the two of you! I love doing events like that and trying to get people to be more active with there dogs.
Dakota was freakin awesome, that boy can really fly, he totally made all the labs look bad ;)
We got lots of compliments today it was really nice. An older couple came up and gave him lots of love. They said he looked like their grandpuppy ;)
Funny you mention that :) We introduced Dakota to the vertical jump for the first time today. He was doing it at the max height. I forgot to ask my grandmother to snag pictures! Darnit, but others were taking pictures and they videoed Dakota doing the vertical, hopefully I'll be able to get some of those.

Dosia was a sweet heart, he gave me his butt to scratch. :)
LOLL Dosia's such a goofball loll.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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