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'Dogs can't be trusted'

By Lyndsay Scanlan

A LIDEN mum-of-seven has a stark warning for all dog owners after two rottweilers savaged a baby to death.
Naomi Whitehouse, whose 10-year-old daughter was brutally attacked by her aunt's dog earlier this month, wants all dogs to be kept on leads.

She says the latest tragedy, which happened at the weekend in Leicester, proves animals and children do not always mix.


A five-month-old girl died on Saturday in hospital after a pub's guard dogs pounced on her.

"The news of this baby was so upsetting," said Naomi, 31, who is married to Aidan, 31, a systems coordinator.

"It's the sort of thing that I've always thought in the back of mind that could happen but since Bethany was attacked it's something I've worried about even more."

As previously reported in the Adver, Bethany was playing with her aunt's German Shepherd Collie cross while on holiday in Holland when it suddenly leapt towards her and sunk his teeth into her face.

The Eldene Primary School pupil and her one-year-old brother Peter had been playing fetch with the dog without any problems just minutes before the attack.

But the dog suddenly turned and pinned the youngster to the ground, sinking his teeth into her face.
She has been left with scars on her lip and under her eyes.

"All the experts have been saying dogs and children do not mix so I cannot understand why so many people decide to buy a dog when they have children," said Mrs Whitehouse, who has five other children, Abigail, eight, Samuel, six, Willem, five, Reuben, three and three-month old Josef.

"I would never leave my baby or any of my children alone with a dog.

"You just cannot predict what an animal might do and as I saw for myself, any dog no matter how friendly it seems, has the potential to turn nasty and attack. I would even be worried about leaving a cat next to my baby."
She added: "I would say to all dog owners, please keep your dog on a lead.

"After what happened to us we are very wary of dogs, especially when they are running around loose in parks.
"It's very intimidating for them to jump up at you and you never know if they might attack.

"What happened to this baby and what happened to Bethany shows what can happen to children when a dog
becomes aggressive and it really is so quick there's little you can do."


DOG ownership in the UK is covered by various laws, the most well-known being the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
It bans the breeding and sale of four kinds of dog - the pit bull terrier, the Japanese tosa, the Dogo Argentino, and the Fila Brasileiro.

It also bans any other dog which appears to be bred for fighting.

Furthermore, the act covers any dog which is "dangerously out of control" but only on public property or where it is not allowed to be. Other pieces of legislation include the Animals Act 1971, which says the keeper of an animal is liable for any damage it causes, the Guard Dogs Act 1975, and the 1871 Dogs Act.

The 1871 act says anyone can make a complaint to a magistrates court that a dog is dangerous, or report the matter to the police, and the court may order it to be controlled or destroyed.

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