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Guys I've got a few E-Books I'd like to share if any one is interested in them. I looked for a better forum to post them in but couldn't find anything relative to the topic. So I hope here is ok, and that sharing them on the forum in general is ok. If not sorry! And please delete!

They were too big to add as attachments but are small in size. The biggest is around 15 mb.They are in pdf format. If you don't have a program to view them this 1 works great. And is free. Make sure to uncheck the box on the right for the free McAfee security scan. I also have them in other formats just figured pdf. is easier for most. And I have a few others also if any one wants them just shoot me a pm.

Adobe Reader

"Causes & Solutions"

American Pit Bull Terrier - Your Happy Healthy Pet

Cesar's Way

Dogs Trust - Basic dog training

The Dog Listener - Learn How to Communicate with Your Dog for Willing Cooperation

This 1 is has nothing to do with training. It's the book on the Michael Vick dogs. Just thought I'd post it for any one who hasn't read it.

The Lost Dogs

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No I haven't. I had never heard of him until I seen a video the other day that was recommended for me on youtube. I'll have to see if I can find some his books. Here is a link to the vid by the way, it's a good watch!

Dr. Ian Dunbar on Dog Attacks
Thank you :)

He has a few good reads. One is 'Dog Behavior', another is 'Before & After Getting Your Puppy' & 'After You Get Your Puppy'. I like how he relates to the reader & is actually quite humorous in a dry sense. You Tube also has a couple other great videos & I think a few good ones are also on his site :)
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